No matter how good the web designer is, he can never make a Lakeland web design without first knowing the company whose website he is designing. This first step is all about information-gathering. This is a vital step in understanding the client and the industry. This phase will also tell the web designer about the target market, the goals of the website, and the competitors.

If you want to build a great website for your client, this first step is critical and should never be compromised.

What Does the Business Do?

The first question should be what the business does or sells. What kinds of products is the organization offering its consumers? If the business is service-oriented, why is the service you are offering important to your consumers? What are they getting from it? A web designer will be able to get a sense of what a company does when the client explains in detail to him the business model.

Who Are Your Competitors?

Who are you competing against? This is vital because the web designer needs to check the websites of your competitors and see what he can do to set your website apart. More importantly, what do you offer that sets your organization apart from your competition? This should be highlighted on the website. This tidbit can be the foundation of your Lakeland web design.

What Are the Goals of the Website?

Is the website aiming for brand awareness? For more web visits? For information dissemination? For promotion? The web designer should know which element to focus on and to do that, he needs to know what the website is aiming for.

Who Is the Target Market?

If the Lakeland web design is built for Millennials, how can the Baby Boomers navigate or explore it? That’s why it is necessary that a website is built for the target market that the company intends to attract. If the company is targeting stay-at-home moms then the website should be designed for them. On the other hand, if the organization has a generic audience, then the web designer should work with that information and make the site friendly to all.

How Much Is the Budget for the Website?

Knowing how much the company can spend on the website is vital to the amount of bandwidth that the designer will consume. If it’s a small budget, then the designer knows that uploading videos and photos directly on the website might not be possible. He will need to find a way to host the media on a third-party site. The budget will also impact all the elements, tools, and widgets that will be integrated into the site.