Lakeland web designDo you know that web designers have a pretty good technique on how to make font sizes self-adjustable on different browsers? And it’s actually quite an important component in terms of Lakeland web design.While many web designers barely give credence to the importance of font sizes on a web design, professional web designers are very picky about every factor of the website–one of which is the font size of the logo, slogan, page titles, headlines, content and even that almost invisible “about us” and “contact us” links.

The reason why font sizes need to be able to adjust by itself is because readers are using different monitor settings and browsers. While some of these font sizes are standard when you use HTML or CSS, there are font families that do not adjust to the browsers used. So, how can a reader on a mobile phone adjust? What happens is that he’ll just leave your website and go to another one. That’s one lost customer.

A website has to be accessible to the people, even those who are not included in its target audience. People, even those with good and perfect vision, do not like their eyes getting strained. Also, reading has more and more become a chore for people, so unless you’re offering a really good content with readable fonts and font sizes, you might be losing customers more than you think.

There’s no way for web designers to tell what monitor size and resolution settings the readers are going to use to visit your website, so they need to make the font sizes adjustable. That is something you should make clear to your web designer. Otherwise, they may just assume the most standard font and font sizes. While that is always safe, it will make your website look ordinary and lacking that X factor.

Always remind your web designer that you want your Lakeland web design to be fit for everyone. While most browsers have tools that can adjust the font sizes of the website, some people are still using the older models of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and even Safari. This means that they might not have these tools you’re talking about.

You want your website to be accessible for everyone, and for those everyone who visits it to appreciate how well-thought-out the design is. The only way to achieve that is to have an almost perfect website that is designed for the reader and not what the designer thought is best. He may be able to understand Lakeland web design, but he may overlook the needs of your clients.