Lakeland web designChoosing a font for your Lakeland web design should not be easy for you, especially if you are going to use it for your business’ website. Not thinking about what the fonts say about your business may send the wrong message across to your intended audience. A lot of web designers fail to notify their clients about the importance of choosing the right fonts when in truth, it could potentially be a turning point for many of the business’ potential clients.


If you want your web design to stand out from the rest of the sites out there, you need to think out of the box. You need to carefully decide on each and every element you put on your site, particularly the fonts that will be used on your site. Here is a little guide to understanding what the font styles mean.


Cursive fonts


We see these on websites selling cosmetic products and the like. The fonts don’t have to be Victorian in style, but it has to be “girly” enough for the visitors to understand that your website is intended for girls. Samples of cursive fonts is the classic Lucida Handwriting and Bradley Hand, and Script MT, but there are also modern cursive fonts you might not have noticed such as La Sonnambula, Lily of the Valley, Variane Script, and Blenda Script.


Formal fonts


You will only use formal fonts if your business calls for it. Although formal font faces are the preference of many web designers today because of the clean and pristine look, you can always try to gun for a bit of uniqueness on your site. A formal font face like Arial, Garamond, or Times New Roman speak of formality and serious business.


Playful fonts


Playful fonts are the likes of Jokerman and Curlz. There are loads like these on the internet. They are free for download. These fonts are not exactly being utilized for business websites because it presents an informal and unprofessional feel to the web design. When site visitors see fonts like these, they might think that the business owner is uninterested to do good and serious business.


Brand name fonts


There is nothing more unoriginal than using brand name fonts. What are brand name fonts, you ask? Google, Apple, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Adidas, Nike, etc.—these are all brands and each of them has a unique font face they use to be recognized. We use this for fun, but never for an actual Lakeland web design.