KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple, Stupid. The idea behind this is that the simpler the system, approach, and design are, the easier it will be for their target market to follow. Simplicity, therefore, should be the goal in any Tampa web design. As long as your design is kept simple, then it should be easy for the web visitors to understand what the site is trying to sell them.

Making It Easy

The idea behind every web design is to make it easy for your web visitors to navigate. They should find the information they want and need as easy as if they’re checking their emails. They should know where to go and what to click to get there.

Many web owners don’t get this. They think that complex and complicated designs make their sites more sophisticated. They believed that the more animation your website has, the better it is for the web users. This is farther from the truth, of course. Simpler designs are better designs according to the KISS principle.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Boring

Now, this doesn’t mean that you cannot implement certain elements and designs on your website. Your Tampa web design should never be boring. It should never lack character and personality. When choosing the design for your site, make sure to pick the right colors and themes to which your audience will react.

When it comes to the KISS principle, the focus is on the layout of the website and not exactly on the design elements. Can web visitors easily find information? Can they find the contact details of the company? Does the website make it easy for them to check out the items in their cart? This is what keeping it simple means in the context of Tampa web design.

No Need for Loud Backgrounds

There is no need for complicated animations and graphics. You don’t need loud backgrounds to make your website more interesting. The more design elements your website has, the harder it is for your audience to navigate it. And what happens when they cannot go through the pages without getting annoyed? They eventually leave and never come back.

Loud backgrounds are a nuisance. They slow down the site. They don’t matter to web visitors because they don’t add to the helpful content the site already has.

In other words, make an effort to keep your Tampa web design as simple as you can. This is the best way to attract your market.