Lakeland web designAll web designers at one point in their careers would begin to ask themselves whether it is right to follow trends or not. Last year, we saw the trends of Lakeland web design—from bright colors to geometric patterns to one-page layout design. Though we always try to keep up with what the latest designs are, we don’t always need to do so. It’s not a requirement and in some cases, it may even disrupt a perfectly functional web design.


But let us be clear: it doesn’t mean that trends should be ignored, either. In many cases, trends will define the success of your business’ website. Let us always keep in mind that the market today craves for something new and unique, so when it comes to following trends (or not), we need to be very smart about it.


Following trends would mean that trying to make the popular unique. It means while everyone is using the same patterns, layout, fonts, designs, and other elements, you are also using it for your site. The catch now is that you also have to try to make it interesting and unique. But how do you make the common unique and one of a kind? That now falls on the lap of your web designer. He will be tasked to find an element that would somehow make common elements different to a lot of people who, these days, you can’t fool anymore.


On the other hand, consciously not following trends would leave us on the dust. While other websites follow every element of the trendy web design, we will try to divert from it. That speaks unique and interestingly different, yes, but that might also mean failure to comply with what is being required out of websites now. Your market may not understand that you want to stand out from the other sites. They may just see your non-effort as being lazy and obsolete.


It’s a tricky thing to decide on… whether or not to follow trendy web designs. The best thing to do is to know who you’re marketing your products and services, too. This is the first step to deciding the importance of following trends for your website. Once you know who your audience is, it will be easier for you to follow a trend or not.


Are you marketing to the millennials? Then, it’s best to follow the trend. Are you promoting your business to baby boomers and your grandparents’ generation? Then, maybe you’ll have to think twice about “modernizing” the overall look of your Lakeland web design.