Expect the flat design or minimalist Lakeland web design to carry over to 2019. In the past decade, more and more web designers are creating websites that are clean, simple, and without the heavy images and animations that we used to associate with websites. Even bigger companies have turned to a clean and simple layout for their websites.

The boost in mobile browsing usage has triggered web designers’ push for a clean and simple design. This kind of minimalist design, after all, has better mobile performance and it enhances the experience for all users, whether they are browsing on their desktop computers or through their mobile phones. Since the switch, the number of mobile searches has gone upward and mobile-first design is now a necessity. It is no longer an option for websites.

As discussed in many posts about web design, image-heavy websites load slower and they frustrate the users, pushing them to other sites that will load its homepage in under two seconds. That’s right. Two seconds are all you have to make sure that your web visitors will not be browsing to another site. If your site’s homepage did not load in under two seconds, you will have a harder time trying to attract them one more time.

Clean, minimalist, and flat designs are the current trend because of two very important benefits: first, both mobile users and desktop users can experience quick-loading websites; and second, these sites can hold high SEO value. When a website loads faster, Google automatically adds merit points for its SEO. Search engines are requiring speed for websites to be ranked higher on their list. This is the reason why the flat and minimalist design has become popular and will continue to be a trend way beyond 2019.

But remember that flat design doesn’t have to be boring and outdated. It’s all about the usability of the design. The primary goal of a minimalist design is to remove the clutter and the unnecessary elements of the website. Utilizing bright colors, clean and crisp edges, and lots of open space can bring more visitors to your website. These flat-designed sites are refreshing and they have become a welcome respite from the slow-loading, hi-res image-based designs proliferating the internet about a decade ago.

With a flat Lakeland web design, customers and clients will have an enjoyable and quick-loading experience on the website and these fast-loading websites will make speed and optimization much faster.