Lakeland web designLakeland web design is both science and art. Although much of the process is about coding, the design know-how is another component that web designers must master. Sometimes, this knowledge of what looks good and what doesn’t simply sets a designer apart from the rest.To stand out from the rest, any self-respecting web designer should develop his core fundamentals through education and experience. A web designer should continuously challenge himself beyond his comfort zone. He should be able to listen to his clients and absorb their suggestions, and not turn a blind eye to what they think their businesses need in a website.

Here are five skills your web designer must possess:

Familiarity with the design process

Most often than not, website design overlaps with graphic design. These are two entirely different components of a website, though designers usually argue about which is which. A good web designer should also be familiar with how the graphics designer want the website to look like externally. He should also understand the color, the flow, the balance, and the spacing of the website.

Perfect the use of HTML

Some people think that web designing is all about clicking the right button; that it’s all ready and designers simply have to choose from a template. Good web designers know HTML like the back of their hand. This will enable them to create codes that would make the websites better. If you want to know if your web designer knows HTML, ask him to do a demo site for you.

Know how to write content

There are times when a client will ask a web designer to create a sample copy for the site as well. Not all businesses have in-house copywriters at their whim to fill the site with content. If your web designer knows how to generate content for your website, then you’re in very good hands.

Accept constant learning

Designers should never stop learning about new things. Whether it’s a trend today or in the past, you should be knowledgeable about it because you never know when a client wants something from years past or the future. Developing new skills and studying fresh trends are always welcome sights for a designer.

Develop business skills

If you’re looking for a web designer, you would want someone who knows how to negotiate fairly enough. Most designers work as freelancers, anyway, so you would be able to talk to them directly. Having a savvy business-minded designer can make the job of hiring him easier.