It is commonly known within the Lakeland website design industry that it can be notoriously fickle with how it handles trends. Something that could be considered the hottest trend of the year can be easily forgotten within the span of a few weeks. In some cases, it can be a shame, while in other cases, moving on cannot happen fast enough. However, there are some trends that it’s time to move away from, which some Lakeland website design professionals seem to be having difficulty with. Find out what these trends are so that you can start to let go of them.

Unrealistic stock photos

Stock photos have been a great resource for people who cannot afford to pay for professional photography services for their business websites. However, the use of this has gone too far, with plenty of businesses relying on stock photo professionals and smiles to take the place of their staff. The problem with this is that it makes your website look impersonal, which can hurt your website’s brand.

Autoplaying videos and audio

There was a time when a website that played a video or an audio clip automatically when you opened the page was considered the height of cool in the world of web design. But nowadays, where minimalistic designs take the wheel, this comes off as tacky and annoying, leading to increased bounce rates for your website. This is especially problematic for mobile users, which make up a majority of online users, which means you cannot risk alienating them.

External links that open in the same tab

It is common practice to link external sites from your website. However, the design of how it opens should be taken into account. In this case, you should make sure to design your external links to open in another tab, not in the same one, as you risk losing a conversion by directing them to another website.

Badly designed pop-up ads

When done right, pop-up ads can do a lot for your website conversion rates. However, the main problem with plenty of pop-up ads on websites today is that they are poorly designed in the sense that they end up annoying your users. Learn to design your pop-up ads properly so that they can work for your Lakeland website design.

Slow-loading websites

Of course, slow-loading websites are a huge cause for concern for your website because of the numerous options that online users are presented with nowadays. You cannot afford to have a slow-loading website, so you should make sure to optimize this accordingly.