Lakeland web designIt is mandatory for every business to have a website that is design beautifully. Why? Because this is the start of the company’s marketing strategy—showing the clients who they are and telling them what kind of products and services the business offers. Without a proper Lakeland web design, a business will find a hard time introducing their business and converting site visitors to customers.


It is not uncommon for website designers to use elements that can negatively impact a business. This shows not only unprofessionalism, but inexperience, too. If your web designer is not familiar with the trends and the strategies that make a website sellable, then he’s bound to make these five common mistakes:


Cluttered homepage


Nobody wants to not know where to click or what to do. Have you ever opened a website and found yourself wondering where you should click on next to enter the site itself? If consumers land on a website, it means they are looking for something very specific. The homepage must be able to capture their attention and interest, so they won’t transfer to another one.


Browser incompatibility


What most businesses forget to ask their website designer is if the websites they are designing will be compatible to all browsers, including those used by smartphones and tablets. Remember that in today’s age, most people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. If your website is not compatible with these devices, then it’s likely they will look for another website on which they can browse easier.


Unreadable text


It should be easy for web visitors to read the site’s text. After all, how will they be informed of the website’s offerings when they cannot see through the miniscule text the designer used? If the site is difficult to read or view, then it’s very likely that the visitors will leave the site. Make sure to use the right font size and colors.


Improper use of SEOs


Are you familiar with SEOs? If you are, then you know how important they are to attracting the right kinds of clients to your website. Improper use of SEOs will push your customers away. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the designer you will hire knows how to use SEOs for the benefit of your website.


Wrong audience


The business owner knows what he wants from a Lakeland web design. That doesn’t mean, however, that your designer can convey the message to your audience or that your consumers will be able to understand the message in the way it was presented. Each webpage must function the way it should be—the homepage must be focused on the core product and direct the visitors to the succeeding pages, which will give more details about the products and services the company offers.