An Orlando web design with too much going on can hurt your business. A site that has too little going on will alienate customers. There’s a need to find a balance in what you can share on your website. Understanding the concepts of good design is not enough anymore. If you want to save money and resources, you need to use your website to its capacity and that means striking the perfect balance between design and functionality.

Too Much Going On

Some website owners and managers feel the need to fill their webpages with information and details about their companies. That is the wrong way to go about marketing your products and services. Too much information on one page can overwhelm the customers. It also shows bad design elements on your part.

Many of them feel that they need to maximize every inch of a webpage, never mind the need for a white space where the customers’ eyes can rest and breathe. Cramming too much information on one page hurts your brand. It shows unsophistication. Not to mention, it will slow down their smartphones and laptops. Webpages crammed with too many things—graphics, text, and images—will be slow to load. That will push customers out the door.

Too Little Going On

At the same time, you cannot be cryptic about your company. If you leave things to your web visitors’ imagination, they may not have a full and good grasp of what you are offering. You need to be practical about the information that you’re going to put on your website. Too little information will make your web visitors wonder if you’re still in the business in the first place.

Besides, it’s a waste of money and energy to not use a website to its full potential. A website exists to provide information to your potential customers. If this function is not being maximized, it can have a huge impact on the marketability of your brand.

Certain rules in Orlando web design must be followed sanctimoniously. Although some of the rules of web design can bend to a certain degree, the measurement of the quality of information you put there has never been in question. Too much is bad. Too little is bad, too. Be liberal when sharing information on how to contact you and what you’re offering. But be conservative when it comes to sharing irrelevant information that does nothing for your business.