In the world of Tampa web design, there is no end to the number of articles that you will find online that talk about the importance of what web design trends and practices you should be following. However, in this industry, it is just as important to know what practices to avoid in addition to what practices are considered “good”.

In this industry, the consequences of making use of faulty web design trends can prove to be catastrophic for your business as it can do a lot of damage to your brand. Because of this, it is very important to keep yourself updated on what kind of practices you should be avoiding, not just the ones you should be following. Here are some faulty Tampa web design practices that you should be avoiding for the sake of your website.

Inconsistent design

One of the most common mistakes that you should be avoiding in your web design is inconsistent design. The reason why you need to make sure to take care to avoid this is that this is not only going to cause problems for your web design, but this is also going to cause problems for your branding as well.

Customers expect a certain degree of consistency in the businesses that they choose to patron, and if they check out your website and find that it isn’t consistent, then this is going to lead them to believe that this is something that they can expect as well from your business. Nobody wants to work with a business that seems as though they can’t be consistent with their branding and their services. Make sure that your web design is consistent all throughout so that you don’t give your customers the wrong impression.

Improper use of video backgrounds

There is a lot of discussion and debate about the use of video backgrounds in web design. Some say that this should be avoided at all times, while others say that this can go a long way in helping with conversions. The truth of the matter is that this can do a lot of good for your Tampa web design as long as it has been utilized properly.

Popup ads and promos

Popups are becoming more commonplace in the websites that we visit nowadays. However, while these can be effective, they can also be a source of high bounce rates as well. Make sure that you design your popups in a way that can help the user, not inconvenience them while they navigate around your website.