Ever heard of the project triangle model? Basically, it says that a project can’t be fast and cheap and effective at the same time. When it’s fast and cheap, it’s not effective. When it’s fast and effective, it’s not cheap. And when it’s cheap and effective, it’s not fast. Take Lakeland internet marketing, for example, so many strategies promise fast results but are they effective? There are so many marketing methods that have been proven effective and fast, but are they cheap?

Fast and Cheap but Not Effective

Facebook and other social media profiles are a prime example of fast and cheap internet marketing. And yet, they are not effective. It’s free to sign up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll be done in under five minutes. But the effectivity? They’re not really the most effective marketing strategies as of the moment.

It will take months to build up your social media following. And though it is effective once you’ve made your name in the industry, you will spend months trying to attract your audience and create content.

Fast and Effective but Not Cheap

Pay-per-click campaigns are some of the fastest and most effective internet marketing strategies. But they don’t come cheap. The more people click on your ad, the more you’re going to pay. And though it seems this is cheaper compared to traditional advertising of fixed duration, the cost will pile up once more customers recognize and look for your brand.

Another fast and effective marketing strategy is hiring content writers. You need content to make your audience want to stay on your page. You don’t always have the time to write SEO-friendly content, but professional content writers do. But of course, you’d have to pay them hundreds of dollars per article. Hopefully, you have the capital to spend.

Cheap and Effective but Not Fast

Social media falls under this category, too. Social media is free and effective, but you have to commit your time to it. They don’t run themselves. You either have to hire someone to manage your accounts or spend hours a day curating content, sharing, and commenting on other people’s pages. Once you have “followers,” you have to deliver regular posts and messages to them because you might lose their interest.

Blogging, of course, is another cheap and effective Lakeland internet marketing. But is it fast? How many hours does it take for you to write one blog post? And what will you write about anyway? You have to brainstorm, too.

If you want fast, cheap, and effective Lakeland internet marketing, you need to use a combination of these marketing strategies. You’ll soon come up with the results you are aiming for.