Business owners and marketers understand too well that they need to attract their customers with the right content. And more than that, they need to place the content in the right place, too. But where exactly are the right places on an Orlando web design and how can marketers and business owners understand how web users consume the content on a page?

Eye Tracking

With the use of heatmaps, you can better determine where your visitors’ eyes are landing upon opening your web page. You can strategize the optimization of your landing pages better when you know where your visitors are looking.

Eye-tracking is the process of measuring and analyzing the patterns produced by eye movements. It enables a web designer and web developer to understand where web visitors are most likely to look at the moment the page loads. This allows them to place important visual elements and content on the right areas of the web page.

What Kind of Data Eye Does Tracking Gives You?

You can gain valuable insights from tracking the eye movements of your web visitors. What exactly is this data? For one, you can determine where they are looking at and how long they spend looking at it. It can also help determine how they shift their focus from one part of the page to another, as well as parts of the page that they intentionally or unintentionally miss.

Other things you can gain are insights on how they navigate the website and how the size and placement of visual elements are affecting their attention. These and many other things from an analysis will guide you in making an effective strategy for Orlando web design.

What Can Surprise You the Most?

There are a couple of theories about web design that will change upon analyzing a web user’s eye movements. For example, you will realize that the fold on the page isn’t as important as it once was. While it is okay to put call-to-action buttons above the fold, it is not necessary. You can still be successful at putting the CTA below the fold, provided that it’s what your customers expect to see.

The failure of a web designer to understand the eye movements of the web visitors is tantamount to the failure of the Orlando web design, too. This is one of the most important components of determining where to place design elements on a web page.