Gradients are really hot in Lakeland web design right now. Popularized by websites and services like Spotify and Instagram, gradients is one of the most prominent web designs today. Gradients are characterized by a gradual transition from one color to another one, or another shade. This re-emerged from the flat design made popular by Google and Apple.

Gradients are not a new concept, as this trend of web design was popular a few years ago until it was taken over by the flat design. But because more and more social media websites like Instagram have been utilizing the gradient style in their web designs, plenty of other websites have caught on.

Nowadays, almost all of the prominent tech sites and industries are making use of gradients in their designs. From the full blown site design of Spotify, to the subtle and sophisticated use of gradients in Apple’s marketing for the iPhone X, gradients are everywhere.

The gradient design gives off a vibrant and attractive look for your application or website, as well as a interesting depth of color that you can’t really achieve with anything else. However, you can’t just stick 2 colors together, apply a transitional effect, and call it a day. Here are some examples of gradients that you can take a look at to help you get a feel and an idea on how you can apply gradients to your own web design.


Gradients are a great and creative way of using your website’s color scheme. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t rely on one method of application. You can apply the transition from color to color in different ways. You have horizontal gradients, which is a left to right transition of color.

Another one is a vertical gradient, which is a top to bottom transition of color, which makes for a beautiful effect. Lastly, you have the a diagonal gradient, which starts from one corner of the screen all the way to the other end. This was made popular by the application of this on Instagram’s icon.

Gradient as a function

While attractive, gradients can serve a functional purpose as well. For one, you can use it as a part of your navigation animation in your Lakeland web design. For example, when the user performs an action, the animation can move along with the action, and the background transitions from one gradient color to another. This creates a more interactive effect which users will definitely enjoy.