A lot of people don’t realize it, but a good Lakeland website design is rarely appreciated. If you’re on a website that has been well-designed, you don’t really point out how intuitive your navigation experience is, or appreciate the chosen color scheme for the site. Web design is not something you really notice unless something really stands out or if there’s something wrong with it. This is because good web design is put together with the intent to make the browsing experience as seamless as possible for the user. One of the most important factors in good web design is the choice in images. To help you learn more about this, here is everything you need to know about images in your Lakeland website design.

What kind of images should I be using?

When choosing images for your website, always choose high-quality photos. Your website reflects your business, so if you’re using pixelated, grainy cellphone photos on your website, you’re showing your users and customers that you don’t care enough to put much effort into your web design. The main discussion about the photos you choose for your web design is always about whether you should spring for professional photography or go for stock photos. There is no easy answer to this. For one, stock photos are cheaper and readily available right when you need it. However, professional photos do have the ability to make your website look more professional.

Where do I get stock photos?

Stock photos can be easily found on the internet. However, when using stock photos, it’s very important to choose photos that are royalty-free or photos that you have purchased a license to use. This guarantees that you can use the photos for commercial purposes. Stock photos are a great way to get cheaper, high-quality photos, which is why plenty of website owners prefer it. However, there are certain industries where stock photos look too staged and tend to turn people off to websites that use it, especially in trust-based industries like the business and medical industries.

Should I hire a professional photographer?

Professional photos will always be a good option to choose for your Lakeland website design. However, this does tend to be much more expensive than paying for a license for stock photography. The great thing about paying for stock photography is that the photos you take are exactly what you need for your business website and can be used in a variety of applications that are not limited to only your Lakeland website design, which means that you definitely get what you pay for and then some.