One of the most admirable things that you have to think about in Orlando web design is its ability to communicate with users through a combination of images and other website elements. In fact, you can have a web design comprised almost entirely of images and other visual elements with minimal text, as long as it’s done right, it can do a great job of conveying your website’s purpose to your target audience. When it comes to your Orlando web design, one of the biggest contributors to the overall effectiveness of your site’s message. Find out how icons are used in your web design.

Why use icons?

One of the first questions you might have about this entire thing is why you should even be considering using icons in your web design. The thing about icons is that they’ve been used so extensively in web designs that they’ve become a sort of mental shortcut used for online users to interpret what is going on on your website. This can speed up the communication and conversion process on your website, which can go a long way for the success of your website as a whole.

Icons require some form of strategization

If you’re planning on using icons on your web design, you should never be careless with what icons to use and how to use it. All forms of icon use need to be properly planned out and strategized accordingly.

Before you decide on a certain set of icons, make sure that you properly identify what you’re trying to convey with your icon designs, what you’re trying to convey with your icons, and even if icons are the right choice for your design. This will allow you to use the icons in your design more effectively.

Maintain consistency

When you’ve made the decision to use icons in your web design, it’s always important to remember to maintain consistency in how you use it. For example, you should make sure to use the same style of icons throughout your entire web design. It would be confusing for a user to see a minimalist style of the icon on one page of your design and a more cartoon style of the icon on another.

Maintaining consistency with your icons is one of the keys to making sure that you are communicating effectively with your users. In addition to this, avoid making up your own icons to mean different things.

Users have certain expectations for how icons work on an Orlando web design. For example, the icon of a floppy disk means to save, so when they click on it, it should do just that. Avoid trying to mix things up by assigning different meanings to universally recognized icons as this will only serve to confuse your users.