Building a good Lakeland website design for your online site seems to be the most sensible step when setting up your eCommerce site. However, designing for the sake of designing is not the best practice when it comes to creating a good web design. Anybody can make a web design look good, but if you don’t have a clear cut goal in mind, then you may be wasting the potential of your site design.

If you’re hiring an agency to help set up your site, then you want to be reassured that your investment into a new site would be justified and profitable. So to help you determine the success of a new site or a redesign, take a look at these factors that make up a good web design and how these factors all add up towards the ultimate end goal of a good web design.

Intuitive Site Navigation

A good web design is characterized by intuitive site navigation. This means that your users should not have any difficulty with maneuvering around your site. The information that they are looking for should be made readily available in as few clicks as possible. Do not make your site overly cluttered with features, nor should it be overly simplistic to the point where your site users cannot figure out what’s going on.

Optimized for Mobile

It has been said once, and it will be said again, when designing a site, you need to make sure that your site is optimized for mobile because of the increasing number of online mobile users. If your site has been properly optimized for mobile, then you are capable of reaching out to a significant portion of online users.

Important Information is Displayed Prominently

Like intuitive site navigation, having important information displayed prominently is another mark of good web design. There is a reason why users visit your site, and if they are unable to find what they’re looking for after scouring the site to the best of their abilities, then your site may have not done well in terms of intuitive user experience, and is a sign of a potentially flawed web design.

When designing and developing a site, consistency is key. Your customers trust in you to provide them with the consistency that they expect when visiting your site. Consistency is not only in colors and design, but in branding and image styles.

A Good Site’s End Goal is User Conversion

All of these factors add up together to meet one goal: user conversion. A good Lakeland website design aims to convert your site visitors into clients or customers for your business.