There is nothing more important for a business than to convince customers to buy from your store, whether physical or online. But it might just be harder post-holidays when customers have done away with their shopping budget for the next few months. January to March are the hardest months to encourage shopping. The fact that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic is even more problematic. Thankfully, your Lakeland internet marketing strategies can do wonders if you only know how to maximize them.

Surprise Them With Special Promotions

Your customers aren’t expecting another discount especially since you’ve just done a holiday sale last December. However, why not take them for their support with a surprise promotion? Express your gratitude for their support by having some kind of a thank-you discount on your ecommerce store. You can offer this to everyone or email loyal customers with a discount code. Of course, you have to make sure that the code has an expiry date to persuade your customers to buy right now.

New customers, for example, can receive a “welcome to the family” discount code. These are exclusive to new customers who made their first purchases during the holiday season. For your loyal customers, you can give them a sneak peek into your newest collection.

Use a Retargeting Strategy

The months after the biggest holiday season of the year is the perfect time to retarget customers. This means, among others, sending them a reminder that the products they viewed are still available, or that the cart they abandoned is still waiting for them. You can do these via direct emails or highly targeted ads that will appear right on the sidebars of the websites they browse or on their social media news feeds.

You can also retarget customers based on their past purchases. Use this opportunity to sell them. You can remind customers that you’ve restocked the items they bought before or plan to buy but the items were out of stock.

Don’t Turn Off Campaigns Early

The last thing you need to do is turn off the campaigns as soon as the holidays are over. Your customers are eager to use the gift cards they received over the holidays. Let them maximize the experience of shopping in either your physical or digital store. If they like the experience, which you should make sure of, they will return and shop in your store again.

It is tempting to sit back and relax after the holidays, but don’t let go of the golden opportunity to make more sales through your Lakeland internet marketing strategies.