If you want a Lakeland internet marketing team to handle the promotions and advertisements of your products and services, there are two choices you can opt in: build an in-house marketing team or hire a marketing agency. While both have benefits of their own and can create and develop a strategy that might prove to be beneficial to your business, an in-house marketing team can also have drawbacks that will affect the operational and logistical factors of running a company.

Limited skills

Though they can be effective and highly skilled, an in-house marketing team is unlikely to have the same range of skills as advertising and marketing agencies. Marketing agencies have the resources to hire the best people for the job. They are also segmented into different departments that allow them to specialize in a niche or an industry.

Lack of industry experience

Since in-house teams only create promotions and advertisements for the company they are working for, they don’t have that much experience when it comes to dealing with new trends in the industry. What they see and what they experience is dependent on how involved their company is. A team from a marketing agency works for small to medium to big enterprises that allow them to gain a different perspective on how to create marketing strategies for different audiences.

Less economical

Marketing agencies have special deals and discounts negotiated with media companies and that’s why the overall cost of promotions may be cheaper. Though in-house marketing teams can develop the same relationships with media outlets, it’s harder to take track of these relationships when the organizations are constantly being wooed by bigger marketing firms. Marketing firms can also buy airtime and column inches by the bulk because of the many accounts that they manage.

Longer turnaround

In-house Lakeland internet marketing teams suffer from a lack of experience and resources. As such, these circumstances will make it harder for them to produce campaigns. The most number of people that a small business can manage to hire for its in-house marketing team is three. They are not enough to handle all the demands of a marketing campaign. The planning alone will drag the process.

Impacts other business activities

Most Lakeland internet marketing specialists hired for in-house marketing teams also have duties outside just plain promotions and advertisements. They may also be tasked to do a bit of PR and sales. So, making them create promotions and marketing campaigns will affect some key business activities that they are also tasked to do.