Lakeland web designWhat exactly is the definition of someone who does Lakeland web design? What does a web designer actually do? Does it differ from a programmer or a graphic artist? Depending on the company you’re dealing with, there are different types of web designers. There’s no official definition, actually, because web designers speak about all of the people involved in the programming and design process.Here are the four types of web designers that business owner usually have to deal with when it comes to creating a website that can help them market their products and services:

Website Designer

A website designer works with the business owner in deciding on the final layout of the site, as well as the graphics, text fonts, colors, and text locations. They will also be the one to design the navigation and the cross-linked pages. At times, a website designer is an all-around web manager—he may also do programming and graphics design. It depends if you’re working with a freelancer or a web design company. Then again, programming can be outsourced, so that an actual programming specialist will do it. A website designer is usually the project manager of the site design.

Website Programmer

While the website designer decides on how the website will look aesthetically, the programmer is the one who writes the code to follow through the plans of the website designer. He will also be responsible for all the technical stuff that happens in terms of managing and maintaining the site. If the site encounters a cache issue, that falls on the programmer to work on.

Graphic Designer/Artist

Sometimes, the web designer and the graphic designer/artist is the same person. After all, it is easier to search for the right graphics and photos when you’re the same one who decided on them. The graphic designer can be the one who either creates or choose the photos, illustrations, page layout, colors, logo, etc. on the site. While some websites use stock photos, others actually hire someone to create this content.

Internet Marketing Consultant

Your business has a marketing strategy, right? Your website must conform to this strategy because it will be specifically design to create more traffic and sales. It is always better if your Lakeland web design company also understands internet marketing and search engine optimization. This way, he can design and program the website according to how he thinks will generate more buzz from visitors, who, in turn, could be potential clients.