Lakeland web designLakeland web design can sometimes look so easy that we all think we can do something better. Designers simply make it look easy because they are already experts in web designing. There is a reason why web designing is a full-on course in college and why there are some who prosper in it and some who simply don’t.


Some people are born to design, to be artistic. Others are consumers and appreciators of the arts. In terms of web design trends, there are many trends that tried to make its way to 2017, but just epically failed.


Cluttered pages


Some may think of it as an abstract way of placing navigational elements on a website. That’s a small percentage of the population. Most of us would cringe at the way the graphics are placed one above the other. The photos and texts are placed side by side that it looks lost on the page. It is visually unappetizing to see a website designed this way.


One-page layout design


This has been a trend for some time now. While others think it’s cool to see all the elements and factors of a website on just one page, others do not see this as advantageous. In fact, it is bothersome for many why every information needed on the website can only be found on one page. This works well for the mobile version of the site but for those using their laptops and computers, scrolling up and down is quite annoying.




While most website owners want their web pages to be “clean” and uncluttered, this is not the trend that we can see prospering in the future. Minimalism works well because the website will load easier and there are almost zero elements to think of. But at the same time, it would not work because web designers want to be artsy these days. Next year, websites will have a more “canvasy” feel and they will likely feature bold designs such as bright colors, geometric shapes, and bold typefaces.


Cursive font types


Geometric, serif, and monospaced are still the typefaces to go to when designers are in doubt. These remain to not only be the most popular out of all the available type fonts, but they are also the most practical to use. They are easy to read. They are great on the eyes. They feature clean lines and symmetrical designs. Cursive font faces will become more obsolete as the years pass. No one wants to keep on deciphering curls and loops.