The success of your business hinges on two things: the quality of your products and services and the effectivity of your website. Let us focus on your Lakeland web design. There are many elements that encompass the success of your website but the problem is not all designers are knowledgeable about the different factors that affect the effectivity of the website.

If you have a website, one of the things you have to do is detect irresponsible web design. Do not go live until you have made sure that every element in your website is put in the proper place and order. Here are some of the irresponsible marks of a web design:

Not thinking about spacing

Spacing is a critical element of a web design. Without the proper spacing, your images will look cluttered and the content will be sore to the eyes. There should be enough white space around your website (you can use white or other colors as long as space will be left blank). You will know that the designer failed to take into consideration the spacing in the site when there is not enough space for the elements to move around.

Not switching to responsive design

Have you made the transition to a responsive web design? Your website should be easily accessed across all kinds of devices, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a personal computer. But since the screen dimensions of these devices differ, a web designer may only make your website responsive to a particular screen size. This will make it hard for other visitors to comprehend your site using their devices. You will be pushing away these visitors to check on other sites.

Not using high-quality images

Low-quality images can easily turn customers away. Would you want to buy a product from an online store that uses a grainy image of the product? How would you know that the product is made of quality materials if you cannot see its details? The main reason why some websites use blurry images is the price of high-quality photos but if you continue to invest in stock photos and reject the idea of making your own images, you will lose the opportunity to hone in clients.

Not minding the content quality

Now more than ever, content is a big thing on websites. No longer can you use irrelevant content with the right keywords. Visitors like getting accurate information and knowledge from the website you visit. This is the first thing you must offer to your clients. Without a quality content, your website will be doomed.