Designing a landing page for your Lakeland web design is one of the keys to a successful marketing scheme. Before we get into anything else, it’s important to learn the definition of a landing page. A landing page is NOT the same as a homepage. A homepage is your website’s main page, which helps direct other users to other areas of the website in order to supply them with more information.
On the other hand, a landing page fulfils one specific objective, which is to help increase user conversion, whether through user signups, subscriptions, or purchases. A landing page is very limited in terms of design, and since its main goal is to convert, marketers generally use these pages for marketing purposes. In order for maximum effectivity, these pages have to be designed strategically. In order to get a landing page that converts, keep these tips in mind when designing these.
Navigation is a definite no
Navigation is a no for landing pages. Landing pages are not a part of your website, these are individual pages meant to convert users. This main reason is why you shouldn’t be placing a navigation option in your landing page, because these are essentially telling users to leave your landing page and go somewhere else. You want your users to stay on your landing page, read your web copy, and convert. Placing an option for navigation may distract them and lead them somewhere else, which causes in you missing out on a potential conversion.
Use effective web copy
You only have a very limited amount of time to convert users, so you have to make that time count. In order to pull this off, you have to make your web copy as effective as possible. Present a problem that your users may commonly face, and provide a solution to that problem that uses that product. It’s important to establish that immediate connection with users as soon as they open your landing page, so make sure that your page heading web copy is capable of making that instant connection.
Don’t over-complicate things
Remember, your landing page has only one objective: to convert. It’s not designed to promote a discount, convince users to sign up, AND push your website’s newsletter all at once. Your landing pages are supposed to be designed to have only one objective. In order to help accomplish that objective, the design should be minimalistic and to the point, in order to achieve that instant connection with users, which helps pull up conversion rates.
Don’t forget to test it out
Above all else, when designing landing pages for your Lakeland web design, make sure that you test it out for a short period of time to make sure your marketing strategy and your page design is effective.