Web forms are a very important part of any Lakeland web design. It could be login forms, signup forms, checkout forms, newsletter forms, no matter where you go on the internet, you will always encounter some type of forms. While these are absolutely necessary to any website, it’s very important that you make the users’ experience with these as streamlined and easy as possible. If your website’s sign up form is too complicated, the user may opt out of your site, and you just lost a user. Here are some ways to design an effective web form that isn’t going to be difficult for the user to fill out.
Allow social media signup
Almost everybody has social media in this day and age, and many websites that require signup are taking advantage of that. For example, take eCommerce websites. Your customers have taken the time and effort to pick out items that they want to purchase, and when they reach the checkout page, they find that they are required to make an account in order to complete the checkout process.
While this is understandable, you may lose customers who find it tedious to fill out an entire personal information form after taking all that time to find the items that they want to purchase. To make it easier for them, the option to signup with social media is available, needing only a couple of clicks to complete the signup process, instead of filling out several pages worth of information. Alternatively, email signup should also be made available for those who prefer linking their accounts directly to their personal emails.
Outline password requirements
For the sake of security, many websites impose several rules when it comes to creating an in-site password for your account. However, some sites only show these guidelines after the user has attempted to create a password. Password guidelines should be indicated during password creation so that the user knows how they should design their passwords.
Allow an option that allows you to glimpse what you’re typing when typing out sensitive information
It is understandable why websites design their password fields to show up as black bullets when something is being typed out on that field. User security should be a top priority for any website. However, with these black bullets, it makes it difficult to see what you’re typing out and may result in an invalid login attempt.
If your website’s Lakeland web design has a finite number of sign-in attempts, the user may get locked out of their account. You can integrate an option that allows users to see their password attempts for a second or two, which allows them to see their password just to confirm is what they’re typing out is right.