Lakeland web designIt doesn’t matter if a Lakeland web design is working in a company or as a freelancer. He will follow the same code everyone does. There’s a common checklist that every company and every website designer follows. This keeps all the websites uniform in terms of technical requirements.All visitors want the same thing from websites–it should be easy on the eye, the information must be adequate, and it must be simple to navigate through.


Is there anything more important in a Lakeland web design than space? This dictates everything–from the flow of the site to the readability of the information there. Right now, designers are using space the way never before seen in the world wide web. They use space between letters, between lines, and even on the overall use of the webpage’s space.

It is also important if a designer wants the visitor to focus on one aspect of the page. If the photo is surrounded by white space, it would appear more important rather than the ones crammed into a smaller or tighter space.

A space does not always have to be white. A designer can create a lot of space using color. It all depends on the website’s overall color scheme.


A website with a complicated navigation system often turns away potential customers. Navigating a website should be an easy process. It should not overwhelm the users, and they should find it easy to find where the navigation panel is.

A smart designer knows that a navigation pull-down must have only 10 items. This will keep the visitors from getting confused. Remember that the more a website is user friendly, the more likely visitors are going to stay on that site.

About us

Just because you belong to the same community where the rest of your target audience is does not mean you don’t need an About Us page. You have to tell your visitors who you are, what the company is all about, and what you achieve to do. Although this is less important for bigger companies with household names, you’ll notice that even big conglomerates do this. This will remind customers who you are as a company.

Contact information

Most designers think that they don’t have to include contact information just because they included a contact form to reach out to the website owner. There are visitors who don’t want to deal with a customer service provider through email. They want to face company personnel. As a designer, you have to advise your clients to put their email addresses and phone numbers on their Contact Us page.