While conversions are the main goal of any Lakeland web design, a call-to-action button is the beginning of everything that is put together to help guide the user to make that conversion. The main goal of getting users to convert is making it as natural as possible for the user. Online users nowadays are smarter about how they browse websites nowadays, and it’s important for website owners, designers, and developers to keep up with the smarter browsing habits of their users. One of the ways that you have to get users to convert is by using a call-to-action button that seems like the next natural step on your website. However, this has to be done right, otherwise, you may risk losing your users and your conversions. Here are some ways to design effective CTA buttons on your Lakeland web design that can help boost user conversions.

Make it stand out

Remember that your CTA button is supposed the be the first step to the conversion process. But how can you accomplish this if your users don’t know where the CTA button is? When it comes to designing your CTA button, there are a couple of things that you should pay extra attention to make sure that it catches your users’ eye long enough to make them interesting enough to take a look: color and copy. When it comes to choosing the color for your CTA button, you’re going to want to make it as striking as possible, while still complementary to your site’s design. Ideally, the color of the button and the text should be contrasting enough to make the button stand out on the page.

Learn how to write compelling copy

When you have the design and color of your CTA button down, it’s time to consider the text that you’re going to use in the button. Always keep your CTA short and to the point. The one and only purpose of the CTA button is to get users to begin the conversion process, and your button text should reflect that. Make it short, snappy, and to the point in order to get maximum results.

Figure out where it place it on your website

Not only do you have to carefully consider the design of your button, but you also have to think strategically about how to place it on your website and your Lakeland web design. As much as possible, you’re going to want to place it at the top of your page, so that it catches your users’ attention more easily. Ideally, this should be the first thing that your users see when they visit your page.