Last year, we didn’t only face a raging health pandemic. We also had to face social, environmental, and political injustices. In the face of all that, there was a shift in consumer standards. They don’t want brands to sit idly by. If you do, you’re supporting the status quo. That’s how consumers see it, and that’s why you need to make a stand and make that stand known through your Tampa web design.

The products and services that you offer do not stand on their own. They are embodied by your stand on certain causes. That’s why it’s important to amplify your voice; to make sure that people hear what you have to say about the causes that matter to you. As you get ready to make public your company’s values and principles, you should also prep your web design team to reflect these opinions on your company website.

Speaking with bold and iconic visuals on your website will make people notice your brand. For some, it will be the first time. It became clear last year that consumers want more from the brands that they support. It’s going to be the same this 2021 and beyond. They don’t want you to sit on the sides as injustices roll out on the streets. They are going to demand brands to take a stand.

This is why you might see activism on websites. These bold prints and even bolder visuals are designed to make people notice. The elements are based on signages that people usually bring during rallies and protests. These unique and bespoke designs use images of icons, custom-made fonts, and illustrations.

When there are ongoing events, rallies, and protests, your Tampa web design should react immediately. It should show messages of either indignation, support, or solidarity. Creating bold visuals isn’t something done overnight, so you would need a good graphics designer and web designer to make sure these messages are integrated into your website immediately.

Aside from design activism, you should also focus on amplifying diverse and inclusive voices in every element of your website—from the messages to the visuals to the promotions.

It’s not easy for brands to take a stand but 2021 is going to be a different year. People are not content to sit idly by as brands continue to feed off from them. They want to support brands that support their causes, too. This is going to change the Tampa web design industry, but it’s a change that you shouldn’t ignore.