The world waits for the day when we can finally go back to our lives. Maybe it’s a new normal but it is still better than what we’re experiencing right now. Can we expect to have a vaccine for the virus? How about a procedure or a medicine that will make people infected with it better again? While we cannot answer these questions for now, what we can do as a business is to use our Tampa web design to spread updates about the coronavirus.

There is no time better than today to use technology to inform and disseminate the right information. Every time there’s an update about the virus, you can post it on your website. It doesn’t have to take much space on your site. It just needs to appear on the homepage and maybe even the sidebar. It needs to be visible as soon as web visitors opened your site, though it doesn’t need to take center stage.

Striking this balance will make your website relevant to web visitors. They can be informed but not feel inundated. Your coronavirus update should be a snippet instead of a full-blown article. What it must contain is the latest news about the outbreak, as well as how it will affect your business operations. After all, if a customer wants to know about the virus, they simply have to open news websites and social media. They don’t need that from your site, although a little update won’t hurt because it shows you care about informing your customers.

Should you have a dedicated space for the updates? Not really. You don’t need a separate page for it. In truth, you don’t even have to store older updates about the outbreak. You should just keep your web visitors informed through a popup or a small information box on the side of the screen. Think of it the way you’re offering discount codes, coupons, and free shipping. You want your customers informed, but not in a way that’s annoying for them.

As long as they are aware that your business has been affected by the outbreak, then that’s enough information to put on your web page. Filling your website with coronavirus updates will work against your brand. You should keep the information on your Tampa web design limited to what the impact is to your business, as well as some key general information.

While there is still no clear end to this virus, you should think of ways to stay connected with your customers. Using your Tampa web design as a platform is a good start.