Lakeland web designDo you notice how your website is struggling to perform, or how slow the web pages are loading? Do you want to increase visits and conversions from your potential customers? Are you looking to boost sales for your business? It may surprise you that all of these can be answered by simply decluttering your Lakeland web design.

It’s very easy to add things and tools on your website. There are a lot to choose from–widgets, ads, social media buttons–but you have to take a step back and look if your company’s message has somehow been overshadowed by the multitude of bars, buttons and ads on your site.

Less is more

Your website is just like your office. Think how difficult it is to work around boxes of disorganized papers, broken pens, crumpled stick-on notes, etc. That’s the same feeling your website visitors has when they look at a cluttered website. Instead of them being able to focus on the primary message of your company, they’ll be distracted by whatever’s happening on the sidebars and pop-up ads.

When people see that your website is cluttered, they will feel like there’s nothing good there, that there’s no product or service they can purchase or subscribe to. This will cause them to navigate away from your website, and go to another business’ more clean and concise site. In turn, you’ll be losing sales and conversions.

Remember that when your website has pop-up advertisements, heavy graphics and unnecessary widgets, these will contribute to your page’s load time. If your website is slow to speed, there is only two possibilities: 1. People will close it and navigate to another site; and 2. People will wait for your page to load, but will stare at it irritated. In the end, you’ll lose your primary goal, which is to attract customers to stay and for them to invite their friends, acquaintances and relatives to visit your site.

Having a simple Lakeland web design is wonderful. By decluttering your company’s website, you will allow your site visitors to focus only on one thing: on your message, your company’s products or services. They won’t be distracted by the multitude of messages being thrown at them by advertisements. They’ll have the time and the focus, instead, to understand what you’re offering.

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