Did your Tampa web design get a penalty? Were you surprised that this happened to you? Penalties are much common than you think. You have to figure out the reason why your site was penalized and work on improving your website. All things are fixable, especially a penalized website.

Here are some things you should remember after finding out that your site has been penalized:

Don’t Panic

Keep calm. Your site will not go off the air because it has been penalized. Google will deduct “points” from your site, which might make it difficult for some web users to find a link to your site on the search engine results. Even big-brand websites suffer from penalties. This isn’t a cause for panic.

Disavow Backlinks

Are some troublesome websites backlinking to your website? If these websites have been penalized by Google, the links they use that direct to your website may be under this penalty, too. Disavowing links means asking Google to discard harmful links that point to your site. These are links that you do not control. Google can consider not taking them into account when indexing your website. There’s a tool you can use to disavow bad backlinks. You can pinpoint low-quality backlinks that are damaging to your website.

Remove Links

A disavowing tool may help you keep track of these bad backlinks, but the tools are not perfect. You can work to have these links removed yourself. Contact the web administrator of the site and ask for the links to be taken down. You are within your right to ask this of them because these links directly back to your website.

Ask for Reconsideration

Do you know that you can ask Google to reconsider the penalty it imposed on your website? This usually happens if the penalty is manual. You can write to Google and ask for the penalty to be taken down because of a number of reasons you can cite.


Google takes its own sweet time to disavow the bad links leading to your site, as well as to re-crawl your Tampa web design. It may be a little frustrating to wait for Google to finish its process, but this is part of being a web owner. Be patient when dealing with search engines regarding the penalties imposed on your site.

If the penalty has impacted your Tampa web design too much, it might be better to just abandon the site, buy another domain name, and build a new site.