How do you make your customers happy? Why does it matter to your business that they are happy? A happy customer will become a loyal customer, but making customers happy is more challenging than you think. In Lakeland marketing, the term is called retention marketing. It has been around since the first person sold something to someone else and realized that it’s easier to retain existing customers than attract new ones.

Maintaining customers results in a higher return on investment. It also costs lower to spend on retaining customers than it is to appeal to new ones. Once customers understand and realize the quality of your products and services, you do not have to continually retarget them with your marketing campaigns. Rather, your old marketing campaigns work well for them. That and continued engagement and quality interaction are demanded from you.

Onboarding and Education

Make sure your customers know about your brand and the products and services that you offer. Make them aware of the quality of such products and services so that when they need these, they’ll automatically be looking at your business as a source.

Customer Training

Provide resources and information that will help customers use your products and services efficiently. Continue providing relevant news and information about your business. They are already aware of what you can do, but you have to continue this training even after they made their first purchase.

Constant Communication

How do you keep the communication lines open between you and your customers? You can do that by constantly reaching out to them. Send an email greeting during their birthdays and provide them with a discount code or a free shipping code. That will show how willing your company is to retain them as customers.

Ongoing Customer Support

Are they having problems with the products they bought from you? Are they satisfied? Post-sales support is an important factor in retaining customers. How about your return policy? Do you make it easy for your customers to return something to you? If you do, they will most likely want to transact with you again, knowing that you are easy to talk to.

Survey and Testimonials

You need to know how your customers see your business. You can do that by asking them to answer surveys and seeking testimonials. Through these, you will have a better idea of what your customers seek. Do they want more contests, promotions, or perhaps, a new line of products and services? What you will learn from these will help you create a customer-centric Lakeland marketing strategy.