The best thing about using a custom web design is you have the power to change the elements according to what will work for your business. You are free to experiment with your website because you hold the codes and the language for maintaining the site and making it more effective. But many businesses fail in this regard: the maintenance and the constant development of a website. Remember that your site going live does not signify the end of your job as a web developer. In fact, it starts the whole process right away—you must be in tune with the changes in the market and the trends that are developing on the internet.

Keep your content clean and updated

If you’re a one-man team and you’re managing the website both in terms of design and content, you must remember to constantly check that the site’s content is clean and updated. After your website has accumulated many years, some of the content there may be outdated and old. Remove the content that has no use for readers and viewers today and maintain only the content that only requires updates and corrections. The process may be tedious because you have to review and evaluate the content, but it’s a process that will prove beneficial in the end.

Check broken links

Your website might have outside links that are not working anymore. Most websites before “befriends” other websites and companies in the hope of creating a network. This strategy does not work now anymore. You can either remove the links that are not working or update the URLs with the right ones. There might also be dead links in your content. There is a software that could check dead links. If your website has accumulated a lot of content over the years, you may want to use a program to review everything.

Update your CMs and plugins

WordPress is the most popular content management system used on the world wide web. Since there are thousands of WordPress plugins available, there is a good chance that some of them are not working anymore or have been discontinued by their creators. If you are using the latest version of WordPress, some of the plugins may not be supported anymore. Remove or update the plugins because they may make your website insecure.

Updating your WordPress version is easy as 1, 2, 3, so you should take the time to upload the latest content management system on your website.