A custom Lakeland web design can go a long way in how your website and business as a whole is perceived by users. While it is certainly easier going with a templated design for your website, you run the risk of being a little generic. If you have the chance to custom design your site, it can be very tempting to go overboard with your site design and its elements.

However, while your business website should showcase the character of your company, always remember that you’re designing for the user, not for you. So with this in mind, here are some custom Lakeland web design elements that you can use in your website and are guaranteed to work.

An effective color palette

Make sure that you choose the right color palette for your website because a good color scheme can tie your entire site design together, so. Not only that, for full visual effect, make sure that you choose a color scheme that has colors that naturally complement each other. As much as possible, limit your color choices to at most, three colors. Having too many colors on one site design will make it too visually overwhelming for the site visitor.

User experience

Of course, your web design should always be created with the user first experience in mind. From navigation to site interaction, every single element on the page should be designed to keep the users’ best experience and interest in mind.

A minimalist design

The minimalist style of web design is in full swing today. When putting together your site’s design, it’s important that you put it together strategically enough that all of your site elements are displayed in a way that it catches the user’s attention while still being effective enough to be a good site design.

One good way to do this is by always making sure that there is enough white space around the content and other elements, which gives it more space to “breathe”. This allows the user to process and read the information easier since there is no risk of distraction caused by visual clutter.

Visual components

It is well-known that content is the main priority of any website. However, nowadays, it isn’t enough to only have good content. It is also important that your content is displayed in such a way that it is easily read and absorbed by users. This is one of the main reasons why websites have turned to visual forms of information, like infographics and video content.

The visual component of it helps ease the reader into processing and taking in the information better. Not only are images used to display information, but these are also used being in websites in order to keep the Lakeland web design visually pleasing.