The world of Lakeland web design will never stop changing and evolving as long as websites and their designs continue to exist. As a web design professional or someone in the industry, it is your responsibility to stay on top of these trends to make sure that your website does not fall into irrelevance. To help make sure that you are still ahead of the curve, read on to learn more about some of the current web design trends that you should keep an eye out for.

Unconventional monotone color choices

Monotone design is not new in the world of Lakeland web design. After all, the minimalist design trend has stuck around for quite a fair bit, and it does not show any signs of going away anytime soon. However, what makes this particular design trend interesting is the color choices that designers make when they choose a monotone color design.

Most monotone color design choices are geared more towards the muted blacks, grays, and whites, to convey the feeling of luxury and minimalism. However, current monotone color choices see color palettes that run a little unconventional.

Some websites choose bright, neon or pastel colors that should be jarring, but when done right, can convey an interesting mood to audiences. Contrast and gradients are just a couple of concepts that are typically paired with current monotone color designs to help the designs stand out.

Aggressive minimalism

Of course, minimalism will continue to be one of the most prominent design trends that you will see today. What makes it interesting is that current design trends are taking the minimalist trend and molding it to fit their creative needs.

From this creative experimentation, you have aggressive minimalism, where you have stark black and whites that are almost Spartan in the severity of their design. This type of design places an emphasis on content, which is always the original intention of the minimalist design movement.

Geared towards futuristic design

Given the growing interest in AI and futuristic technology, it is not surprising that futuristic designs are starting to play a prominent role in the Lakeland web design industry. Some designers take it a step further by rendering visual elements such as people’s faces in full AI, which can give audiences a rather otherworldly experience when they visit your website. You tend to see this kind of design trend in websites that are focused on creative fields, such as fashion, art, gaming, and creative portfolios.