In 2018, transactions made via mobile commerce and through tablets and smartphones globally accounted for more than $700 billion. In the United States alone, mobile devices account for 30 percent of retail commerce while sales are expected to balloon to more than $100 billion. The internet has forever changed the retail landscape and with that comes the expected need and demand for sound internet marketing strategies that will lead each retail business to success.

Know your market

Just like any other business strategy, you have to define your market so you can build a strategy that is dedicated to reaching them. In the US, millennials are the digital-savvy generation that likes to purchase via their mobile devices. Even in countries and areas that have financial-security difficulties, mobile commerce has found a way to make a living. In India, for example, people can pay upon delivery, negating the need for consumers to enter their credit card details in unsafe web financial services.

Nail down your buyer profile

Who is your buyer exactly? Who are they? How much do they earn? Where do they live? What do they do in their free time? This is essential not only to learn how best to reach your customers, but also because the information will help you discover who you are in competition for your customers’ attention.

Mix up your marketing strategies

Since the transaction is happening on your mobile device, this is the center of your internet marketing strategy. However, you also need the support of traditional advertising formats such as television, print, and even radio. Mobile ads can fall prey to banner blindness, so a mix of TV, offline, and mobile ads can generate an organic uplift in consumption.

Retain customers through your app

First-time users might now remember your website at all. You can retain customers by using push notifications to update the consumers about the latest industry trends, promos, contests, and so much more. There are third-party applications that can help you handle the schedule and manage your push notifications. This is a surefire way of engaging your customers.

Make your customers market your app

Content marketing is the new currency that drives conversion to one’s site. You need your site to be visited as many times as possible. There is no better internet marketing strategy than a happy customer sharing your app’s link to his network and recommending your business or any specific product in your lineup. This adds a human factor to your marketing messages.