You might not know this, but there is a lot of strategic planning that goes into a Lakeland website design. Depending on what the website is going to be used for, each and every single element is carefully chosen to help meet those goals. Even for something like digital marketing, a well-designed website is put together to maximize a business’ marketing efforts.

One of the things that are considered in a website’s design is the audience location. A local audience requires a different approach compared to a global audience. If you’re designing a Lakeland website design as a locally-based business, here are some tips to help you out.

Include a map

Remember that the website is designed to appeal to a specific local audience, so if they find your website, they are already expecting a more localized website, which means they will be interested in knowing where you’re based. This is in case they want to visit your shop in person or if they need to see the item that they need in your shop.

This means that you should definitely include a map in your business website. This helps users find where you are, especially if you link it to Google Maps, which lets them know what they need to take or how far they have to travel to get to your physical store.

Focus on local content

Because you need to attract a local audience, you also have to remember the benefits of local SEO and how it can boost your marketing. If you’re going to be blogging, make sure that your content includes local events and locations to make it more appealing to a local audience.

When designing your site’s various elements, make sure that you include photos and other types of media that are focused on the local scenes and landmarks. This helps you build an emotional connection with your local audiences using your Lakeland website design.

Create local pages

There are plenty of companies that have branches all around the country or throughout an entire state. If this is the setup of your business, it helps not to have one universal website for your company, instead, you should have pages for each local location which are customized according to the local culture and audience. This makes a larger company provide more customization for local audiences, which boosts your online presence on a larger scale.

Make use of local social proof or trust marks

Social proof is not an uncommon concept when it comes to creating a Lakeland website design and digital marketing. However, when designing for a local audience, you should make use of local social proof and trust marks in the form of reviews from local businesses to help boost your local presence online.