When you start out with your Lakeland website design, it can be very easy to get carried away. After all, you’re in the middle of creating a website design, and all that matters is that it looks good and works even better. However, one of the most important components of effective web design is the content in it. The reason behind this is that this content is what is going to be used to market to your target audience as well as guide them through your website. To make the most out of it, here is how you can create your Lakeland website design to work with your content, not against it.

Don’t overthink the color palette

An unfortunate mistake that far too many designers make when it comes to designing around the content for their websites is that they tend to overdo it on the color choice for the site and the content. Some site owners think that the more colors, the better, since it shows the color and vibrancy of the business, or something like that. However, if you choose the wrong colors, you are making it difficult for your readers to actually read your content.

White space is essential

Clutter is the absolute last thing you want for your website’s content. It’s easy to put as much content as you want on your website, but it’s a whole other thing to make it readable. One of the key factors in a site’s readability is the use of white space. White space refers to negative space in your site where there are no elements. It might seem like a waste of virtual real estate on your design, but that white space makes it easier to read the content instead of trying to decipher a jumble of words that have been mashed into the corner of the page.

Break it up

In addition to white space, you should also take into account how readers actually take in content. If you’re writing long paragraphs, it’s very important to remember to break this up into manageable chunks of text, instead of one giant block of text. When people read content online, it is much more difficult for them to read content as one block, so you want to make it easier for them and their reading habits to break up your text into smaller paragraphs consisting of only a few sentences. This makes it much easier for your readers to take in your content.