When it comes to crafting your content marketing strategy, you will find that it’s a lot more nuanced than just writing articles or infographics and publishing them. You have to learn how to observe and analyze trends and create content based on your data. In addition to this, you also have to learn how to work with and create different types of content. You can’t just focus on one type of content for your marketing strategy, as this may lead to boredom on your users’ part.

If your website is comprised primarily of written blogs, for example, your readers may get tired of reading only articles. In order to keep their interest, it’s important to offer some variety in terms of content. To help you out, here is a list of different types of content and how you can use them in your content marketing strategy.


Of course, blogs are the most common and popular form of content in any marketing strategy. It has been around even way back when the internet was still a relatively new concept and blackhat SEO techniques were still in heavy use. However, today, the creation of blog content has become more refined, with companies and websites dedicating entire departments to blog content creation in order to guarantee good-quality written content. Blogs are usually regarded highly, especially when done right, so it’s very important that when creating blog content, it has to be well-researched and factual to maintain a level of trust and authority with your readers.


Today’s era of online technology has called for a demand for more visual content, and plenty of websites are creating more varied content to meet that demand. Online users today tend to gravitate more towards more visual media. Written content is still highly sought after, but more casual readers are more likely to prefer more visual media. It’s important to learn how to create good infographics. In order to create content that is considered shareable by your readers, you have to create a good balance between informative and visual appeal. If you intend to use infographics heavily in your content marketing strategy, make sure you invest in a good content writer and designer.


A video is considered the most effective and popular form of content used for content marketing today. As mentioned before, visuals are considered to be a huge factor in its appeal to readers. The unique thing about a video is that it presents information in a way that it is easier to absorb and retain through its audio and visual format. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why video content is being widely used in plenty of marketing strategies nowadays and why plenty of companies are looking to invest in video production companies to create their video content.