Navigation on any website is a trickly little subject. What is good navigation? In a nutshell, it’s taking as few steps as possible between landing on the homepage and checking out the items. And yes, Tampa web design has something to do with the ease of one’s browsing experience.

The more a website is difficult to browse and navigate, the more that web visitors won’t likely stay on it. Talk about getting lost when one is on his way to the checkout process. But even though this is a well-known issue even on good websites, there are still plenty of organizations that don’t give attention much to how their customers are experiencing their sites. Plenty of websites still have very confusing designs, layouts, and processes toward the checkout procedure. This is why there is still a high rate of cart abandonment even in well-known e-commerce stores.

Cluttered Website

The culprit behind bad navigation is a cluttered website. When there is too much information on your website, it can get confusing for web visitors. They will lose their focus. Instead of giving all their attention to the products they want to buy, they will get confused because there is so much happening on the sidelines and banners.

The more information you try to pack on one page, the more difficult it is for customers to focus on just the items they want to buy. Confusion always turns into frustration because they don’t know what to buy anymore. And also, it leads to web designers and developers placing the start of the checkout process away from the buyer.

A Seamless Experience

There should be as few steps as possible between a customer checking out the item, deciding to purchase the item, and checking it out. The problem with many websites is they try to get the information from the customer. They focus too much on collecting customer data so they can use for marketing strategies later on. This is not the right way to collect email addresses.

If they are ready to buy, don’t annoy them by asking too many questions. Let them cart and check the item out. After that, you can think of a way to collect the information you need. The important thing is not to annoy them that they want to leave your Tampa web design. Make the path to the checkout process so easy that they’ll be willing to do it again next time.