Mobile website design practices are becoming more and more popular today. This can be largely attributed to the fact that mobile users make up a very significant portion of online users today, and that number is only growing more and more every day. Almost everywhere you look online, you see websites and applications that cater to mobile users. If you own a website, then you might be looking into ways to best apply the good practices of creating a mobile-friendly website. However, when it comes to creating a good website design that is optimized for mobile, it’s just as important that you learn what mistakes to avoid. Knowing these mistakes help you learn the best way to approach your mobile website design to create the best experience for your users. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in mobile design.

Making it too complicated

One thing that you should always remember about creating a mobile design is that simplicity is the key. Mobile devices and mobile browsing are designed to be used in those little pockets of time when you’re on your way to work, on your way home, or you’re waiting for your appointment. This means that your mobile design has to be as simple as possible in order to make it easy for users to access and navigate through your website. Making it too complicated can render it unusable by mobile users.

Slow load speed

In line with making your website less complicated for mobile users, you should also take into consideration that mobile users often use mobile data to access sites on their phones, and as a result, you should make your website load faster to help accommodate this. Having more elaborate elements on your website is going to take too long to load, not to mention the fact that it’s going to take up a lot of your users’ mobile data.

Making it too cluttered

Remember that when creating a mobile website design, you’re working with very limited space. As a result, you have to be very strategic in how you structure your website’s content. Making it too cluttered can make it difficult for mobile users to navigate through your website. White space is an essential part of any web design, and the same holds true for mobile design. It’s important that you always test your mobile design before you launch it to the general public. This helps make sure that your mobile design is as polished as it can be for your users.