How many hours do you spend on the computer screen? How much time do you spend checking your social media accounts? Most people spend the majority of their time on the internet and browsing different Orlando web design. They are on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether they work with computers for a living or they do it for leisure, people are online more than 80% of their waking time, or as much as they can when they can. It’s the nature of this digital life.

After spending hours on the computer screen, you’ll feel an eye strain of some sort. Your lower back will hurt, too, but it’s the headache that accompanies your screen time that’s a major problem. Web designers are aware of this problem. That’s why they make it a point to use comforting colors on their designs. Pastel colors are easy on the eyes. The focus of the color schemes that web designers use now is to reduce the chances of an eye strain.

Why Dark Mode

This is the reason behind the popularity of the dark mode. It counters the whiteness of most web designs that contribute to eye strain. Dark mode, on the other hand, let the eyes rest. It is better for people who have eyesight problems. The contrast of the white text on a dark background makes it easier for people with eye problems to see.

Although dark mode will remain an important element of Orlando web design, it will not be the central theme for 2021 and beyond. Instead, web designers are focusing on the middle ground of these two extremes—dark and light.

Pastel Colors Are Comforting

The middle ground is the soft color palettes, particularly pastel hues of greens, blues, browns, and pinks. These colors will make the website more comfortable to look at. Instead of the dark and light colors that usually dominate websites, pastel hues will be such a refreshing comfort.

They will also remind web visitors of nature and the environment. These colors provide calmness and relaxation, which are the two things that are sorely lacking in the world today. Rather than being overly dramatic, these colors will bring such a refreshing take to what has been a catastrophic year.

The focus of Orlando web design now is to make browsing the sites comfortable and relaxing. If web designers cannot provide these feelings, it will be problematic because people need websites that have the ability to calm their fears and worries.