There has been an ongoing debate about whether offline marketing or Lakeland internet marketing is better and more effective. You don’t actually have to choose just one. Depending on your objectives and your target audience, you can combine these two techniques and integrate them into one cohesive marketing plan.

Use CTAs on your offline print materials

To further the link between your offline marketing strategy and your online techniques, you need to create a reason for your offline audience to visit your website. You can do that by printing your call-to-action on your print materials.

If you’re giving away flyers or printing posters, make sure to include this phrase “visit our website on (enter the web address in bold).” You can also include your contact information on all your publications to make it easy for any prospective client to reach out to you.

Have a “to be continued” campaign

Create a story that you will share with your target market offline. Once they are hooked, make them visit your website to finish the story. Tell them the story will continue online.

This will give you the opportunity to show them your site and the various offerings of your company. Another technique is to make them want to reach out to you by providing a piece of information on the flyers that they would want to comment on. But to post their comments, they would need to visit your website or social media page and use a hashtag.

Use a popular photo from your online campaign

Was there a post or a photo from your social media pages that became viral? What is the most popular photo your business posted on its official Facebook page? It is likely that this is the image your target audience knows and understands.

Use this image on your offline campaigns, too, so they can recognize the brand even if they are not exactly online. This will create a cohesive brand experience that will help your potential market connect their online and offline interactions with your brand.

Let your clients speak out

Let your clients be the ones to tell you which offline promotion is effective or not. Simply ask for their opinions on social media. You are bound to receive comments, suggestions, and even complaints.

The one good thing that came out of people being vocal and rant-focused on social media is that they speak their minds. They want to be heard and they are willing to give you an honest-to-goodness opinion about your Lakeland internet marketing.