All companies and industries now depend on having the right Lakeland website design. By “right,” we mean having all the important characteristics of a website—easy to navigate, readable, loads quickly, and the content laid out to perfection. While there was a time when websites are free to be as creative, as quirky, as colorful, and as packed with images and graphics as they want, that time was done. Right now, what we all need is a squeaky clean website design that uses enough white space, uses the right font face and size, and uses the proper amount of media.

If you already have an existing website, all you have to do is inspect every nook and cranny of it and find out if the content is readable and if it is easy to navigate the site and find the information you need. Ask a friend or a family member to navigate through your website and be ready to hear their opinions afterward. Hearing about your website from someone you know and respect will make you look at it from a different viewpoint. Before cleaning your website, you need to realize the mistakes it is making.

Take a look at the backend coding

Your site’s backend coding will let you see the overall performance of the website. If it’s loading a little too slow for its own good, maybe you can clean up the backend coding a bit and make the site load faster. Remember that if you want to attract many visitors to your website, it needs to load as fast as two to three seconds. Any slower than that and prospective visitors will lose interest and navigate away to another website.

Delete unrelated and unnecessary content

Your website may have been present and live for a long time. That means that there is content there that dates back to 10 years ago. If that is the case, it is time to inspect the old content of your website and remove unnecessary files and clutter. Your website needs to be streamlined and visitors need to find information as fast as they can. If they have to go through every content you ever published, that will take them a lot of time. Delete obsolete content and remove those that are unrelated to your site’s “goals” right now.

Optimize the images and other media

One of the reasons why your website has a slow loading speed might be because of the number of media you have there. While it is not wrong to use media to drive your message across, using too many images and videos will drag your website’s performance down. Review the existing media content you have and optimize images.