You might think that choosing the right font for your Lakeland web design is simply a matter of looking for the right font that goes with the rest of your design. However, choosing the right font goes a little deeper than that. Choosing a font can mean the difference between a great user readability which leads to an interface that is easy to use or a site that people use as an example of bad UI. Choosing the right font is as essential as any part of your design process, and here are a few ways you can pull this off.
The perfect font consists of being both on-point in terms of how it represents your brand, and how functional it is in terms of user readability. Your chosen font must work well across all devices, not exclusively for smart phones or desktops only. You risk alienating different users if your font doesn’t work well in adapting to other devices.
When choosing the right font for your design, one of the most important things to look at is the x-height of the font. In terms of typography, x-height refers to the height of the lowercase letter x, or the height from the baseline of a letter to the top of the main body of lowercase letters, ignoring ascenders and descenders. Font types with a large x-height look heavier and more crowded when read in main text. It does provide an advantage when switching over to a smaller screen. Choose a font type that has a well-balanced x-height.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing the right font for your site is what you’ll be needing the font for and how it reflects your branding. For example, if your website if more focused on written content, you would want a font that showcases that, while still being easy enough to be read by users.
Perhaps you want a more professional, and serious mood for your site, and there are fonts out there that fit that particular mood. However, make sure that you don’t end up choosing a font that reads too heavy on the eyes, otherwise you may end up scaring your readers away.
Sites that have a more creative vibe going for them should find a font that is fun, but not overly flashy. You are most familiar with your company’s brand, so it’s up to you to understand which font style best conveys your company’s message which still providing a good user experience.
The font that you choose for your Lakeland web design is essential in conveying your brand’s message and tone to your users and visitors. While it may seem a challenge to find the right font style that showcases the message you’re going for, as long as you pay attention to your site’s needs and overall brand while still providing a great user experience, you’ll find the right font style for your needs.