Using colors to establish brand identity has been something that has been done ever since the concept of marketing and advertising has been used in coordination with brands. Colors have the interesting ability to connect with people on an emotional level. Choosing the wrong colors for your brand and Lakeland web design can end up hurting your business.

Finding the right color scheme is more nuanced than choosing whatever looks good, you need to choose something that appeals to your target audience. Color is also a great way to establish brand recognition to the point where consumers would be able to recognize your brand simply by the colors associated with it. Here is a guide on how you can choose the right colors for your site design.

Colors Evoke Emotion

We’ve talked about color psychology and how colors speak to people on an emotional level. When choosing a color scheme for your website, look into and understand exactly which colors evoke which emotions, and use that information to your advantage. For example, blue is commonly associated with loyalty and trust, green is associated to wealth, and red evokes energy. Understanding the different colors and the psychology behind them can be a significant first step in picking the right colors for your brand’s identity.

Pinpoint Your Target Demographic and Find a Color That Appeals to Them

Before choosing your color palette, pinpoint and learn more about your target demographic, and build your website’s color schemes around that demographic. Tying into what you know about color psychology, use this information to build the foundation of your color scheme. What is your target demographic average age range? Different colors appeal differently across the different age ranges. What product or service are you trying to sell? Colors used in conjunction with your products can evoke the wrong kind of emotions if not done right. It’s all a matter of understanding your product and audience, and finding the right colors that work with these factors.

Don’t Choose Colors Based on What YOU Want

This is a mistake many first-time website owners make when it comes to choosing the color scheme for their websites. They tend to go with a color scheme or primary color that they personally like, instead of colors that are supposed to appeal to their target audience. It’s great to have a hand in finding your brand’s color scheme, but don’t let your personal biases get in the way of things which may potentially end up costing you in sales and site conversions.