What is the first thing that your target market will notice about your website? It’s not even your company logo or the content. They will land on your homepage and judge you and your business based on what they see there. A user can decide to click on the back button or the exit button in milliseconds. So, not to impress them with your Orlando web design can prove to be fatal for your company.


Your homepage has three main goals: show visitors what your site got, show them where to click, and establish your company’s credibility. To do all these three, you don’t need to fill the pages with images, text, and animation. In fact, doing so might prove to be catastrophic as web visitors will get confused about where to look. The lack of focus may work against you.

Be straight to the point. Don’t distract your web visitors with fluff pieces on your homepage. Whether images or text or videos, make sure that it is direct to the point. Tell them what they can expect when they navigate your website.


One of the reasons why web visitors leave a website is because they don’t know what to do. It is your job as the business owner or the site owner to tell visitors what you want them to do. Should they click on something? Should they call a number? You need to think long and hard about your CTA. It should not be an afterthought. It is the main point of your website. You want to make people act.


Give your headline plenty of space. There isn’t much on your homepage, but make sure that your headline is prominently displayed. To make your Orlando web design relevant, the space should be divided smartly. Meaning, you should have space for images, text, and the headline. You can, of course, split the space 50-50 but make sure that the headline is in large bold fonts.

Above the Fold

A lot of web design experts believe that all the important elements of a homepage should be above the fold. This is farther from the truth. There is no reason to think that web visitors won’t venture beyond the upper top of the page. If your homepage is interesting enough, it’s easy enough for them to scroll down and find more information about your business.

The trick is here is to make a compelling above-the-fold design element and headline. Never underestimate the elements you put at the bottom of the Orlando web design, though.