They say that too much of a good thing is bad. That is true, too, in terms of using social media share buttons on your Orlando web design. While the intention is to make the post shareable to many social media platforms, what it does is confuse the web visitors. Too many options can be a bad thing. That’s why people can’t choose easily the breakfast cereal they want when they are in that grocery aisle. There are too many options that it becomes more difficult for people to zero in on what they want.

The same thing happens when they are choosing which social media they must share a post. It becomes so overwhelming for them to make a choice. Should they share the post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, Snapchat, or others? The horror may even want them not to share the post anymore. If it becomes too cumbersome for web visitors to choose the social media platform, they may ultimately forego sharing it at all.

Slowing Down Your Page

Aside from the fact that people are inherently indecisive, loads of social media share buttons slow down a site. These buttons use JavaScript to communicate between websites. The more buttons you use on your website, the more scripts the site will run. This will cause the website to respond slowly to web visitors. It will push away web visitors because they don’t like waiting for more than five seconds for pages to load. So not only are you going to confuse your web visitors with loads of options, but you are also essentially alienating and pushing them away.

Choosing the Social Media Share Buttons to Use

Instead, you should choose only the social media share buttons that your website will benefit from. According to studies, Facebook and Twitter account for the most social sharing. No surprise there, right? The fact of the matter is that Facebook and Twitter get more shares because of the way they were designed. The posts there are meant for sharing. On Instagram, for example, most users post their own content and not those produced by others.

As a business, you should carefully choose the social media share buttons for your Orlando web design. Check out your analytics and see which social media pages get more web traffic. Which of these is your site getting the most referral traffic from? These are likely the social media share buttons your website will most benefit from.