Lakeland web design requires that there should be good content that will attract visitors to your site. However, there is also such a thing as too much information and that could be detrimental to your business or your advocacy or your organization. When you bombard visitors with information, they may not react positively and instead of being persuaded to buy a product, subscribe to a service, or support an advocacy, they may be pushed away and turn to another site.

Long and dragging articles

Web visitors are not too keen to read articles that are long and boring and dragging. If your article is more than 400 words, you are on the borderline between interesting and boring. Never publish articles that would bore your audience and your visitors. You have to make the articles satisfying and at the same time, just informative enough to maybe persuade the visitors to purchase a product from your website. Besides, in this day and age, no one wants to read anymore, so there is no real point about making articles that not one person could even finish until the end.

Information overload

There is such a thing as too much information. It means you can give your readers a terrible headache from all the information you included in your article. What you can do is to divide one topic into a series of articles about different elements of that issue. You can create several articles from one topic alone. It does not only help your website be updated all the time, but it will also keep the content fresh for your readers. When writing articles, always be careful about giving too much information because as much as you can, you want to keep your readers guessing and interested.

Slow loading pages

One of the drawbacks of having long articles is that it can be the reason why pages are slow to start. Your articles may include videos and animations, which may only make the loading time slower than it normally is. This could not only affect your readership, but it could also push people away from your site and therefore, they won’t know what products or services you are offering. An opportunity lost like that is a big setback for your company, so always be careful with the things that could affect your website’s ability to attract and retain customers. Remember that in this day and age, your website—how it is laid out and the content customers read from it—can make or break you.