Do you know that you can use your Lakeland web design to build and develop your business’ client list? Do you know that this strategy may even be more successful than traditional marketing approaches where you print out posters, pay for billboard ads, and write contents for online blogs and newsletters? It may even be at par with marketing strategies that are social-media-focused.

Aside from making sure that your web design is squeaky clean. Meaning, no irrelevant content will be published and the space doesn’t look all cramped and busy, you should also integrate plug-ins, processes, and systems that will enable your clients to reach out to you without so much as a hitch.

Integrating messaging and chat systems

You may notice that the more successful websites have integrated chat systems into their sites. You would often see a headphone icon hovering on the sides of your laptop or mobile phone screens when visiting certain sites. When you click on this, it will automatically connect you with someone who represents the company. You can then inquire about the different products and services that the company is offering.

Offering a 24/7 customer service

This is different from the messaging and chat systems integrated into the Lakeland web design. You can also offer a 24/7 hotline that can offer solutions to your existing customers. If there are technical issues with the products and services that the company is selling, then your customer service representatives should be able to handle them without an issue at all. The best thing about this kind of web service is that you are accessible to your customers—all of them, no matter if they work until the wee hours of the morning and that’s the only chance they have to contact you. Providing this kind of service will bring more customers to your business.

Building a community of “fans” and past and present clients

You can create a Facebook-like community in your website where fans and clients can gather to share knowledge about your products and services. They can exchange experiences, share photos and videos, and communicate with customers like them who have patronized the company for a long time. Through this platform, your community of present clients can influence others in their network to try your products and services, too. And since word-of-mouth is still an effective marketing strategy, a community such as this will help build your presence and your brand.