By now, your website and e-commerce site should be up and running. Your customers should be used to buying from your online store and checking out information about your store through various social media channels. You should also be aware of the critical role that Tampa web design plays in your business operations and transactions. What will 2021 bring, though?

You should prioritize building up your website and optimizing your e-commerce site so that it is easier for your target market to find the products and services that they need. A better 2021 would mean a transition to the new normal. For your online platform, that means optimizing your website and making it mobile-friendly, among other things.

Optimize Images, Blogs, and Metadata

Take a look at your metadata. Are the images, articles, blogs, and videos on your website optimized for search engines? Google indexes sites according to their relevance, importance, authenticity, and legitimacy. It needs to know that other web users are trusting your website so that your pages will appear for the relevant keywords that people will use on search engines. One of the many things they are looking for is content that speaks to the right keywords or key phrases.

Optimizing your website is more than about using keywords. It’s about making sure that the content is easy to digest, and that the elements there are compatible with search engines. For example, using the proper image format can spell the difference between your image loading properly or the alt-text appearing on your market’s screens.

Making the Site Responsive

More than 85% of your customers are accessing the internet via their mobile phones. They browse your pages while they are on the commute, while stuck in traffic, while bored during a meeting, and while lining up in the grocery. Not making your website mobile-friendly first is the single biggest mistake you can make. It tells your customers that you don’t care about their convenience; that you’re merely following what others have been doing for years.

Updating Your e-Commerce Site

Last but definitely not the last on the list, you need to update your e-commerce website. Make sure that your inventory is up-to-date so that there will be no delays in shipment. How about the images and product description? Are they updated? Revisit your site. Look at it from the perspective of your customers. Are you going to want to buy from the kind of Tampa web design your e-commerce website has?